Fireman Daddy (2020)

Fireman Daddy
I got my happily-ever-after…except it wasn’t.

My HEA ended when my formerly star quarterback husband slept with—no, not our old head cheerleader. Someone else. Hello, this isn’t a Lifetime movie.

So, I left New York City and went home to small town Crescent Cove. I’d inherited a bar that was apparently the watering hole for local firemen. Super hot firemen, namely one in particular.

Okay, so maybe this is a Lifetime movie.

Especially since the fire code chief—and my ex’s high school friend—keeps hassling me about getting the bar up to code, when all I want to do is get the place fixed up so I can go back to the city.

Don’t I?

But Jake is making me remember why I love my hometown. And it turns out he isn’t only good at preventing fires, he’s even better at starting them.

And the one between us may just burn forever…