Daddy Undercover (2020)

Daddy Undercover
A baby in a basket left on a doorstep is such a clichè…

It’s also my life.

I carry a gun and a badge and help keep order in small town Crescent Cove.

What I don’t do?

Change diapers.

Sing songs about sharks.

Or…ask for help.

But my best friend, Gina Ramos, knows I’m in over my head. She’s the only one keeping me sane. And playing house with her is starting to feel way too real.

And get way too hot.

Because the biggest thing I don’t want to do?

Is to lose my best friend…or find out my little girl isn’t really mine.

Author’s note: This daddy isn't just undercover…he's clueless he has a baby! Daddy Undercover is a standalone romantic comedy with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.
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