Confessions of a Piano Demon (2019)

Confessions of a Piano Demon
Music defines Margot Tremayne’s soul. She thinks best when her hands caress a piano keyboard, but all music eludes her since a demon crushed her hands on the eve of winning a prestigious international piano competition.
Fifteen years later, she has built a new career in conducting, composition, and teaching.
She still feels empty.
The job of driving the increasing murderous demon threat back to the netherworld falls to Abigail Fitzwarrn, Director of the international Guild of Vampire and Demon Hunters. She pushes Margot to return to the scene of her maiming to judge the St. George competition, in order to finally face her demon. Abby knows there is a mystical connection between Margot and the demon: music.
Archie Driscoll is a new field agent of the Guild, still trying to master his enhanced powers. He is surprised that Abby taps him to find and destroy the demon while protecting Margot.
Their attraction is instant and impossible.
Aside from her job as judge of the music competition and he a competitor, her career is reaching into new directions and she will be traveling lot. He’s a spy for a super-secret paranormal organization and doesn’t know where he will be from week to week. Commitment is impossible for both of them.
In the musical competition setting at a haunted manor in remote Yorkshire, Margot and Archie must figure out their growing love while they discover the demon’s weakness and free themselves and their music from demonic tyranny before he kills more musicians for the sin of violating his definition of “pure music”.