Confessions of a Siren Singer (2021)

Confessions of a Siren Singer
The StormMother is unleashed, and she is angry.

Tiamat, ancient goddess of chaos and creation has decided to clear the world of human infestation--but she needs help. Only her descendant Celia Fisher, a Siren, has the magical power to aid her.

Celia is more interested in becoming a Broadway star than in her archaic Siren heritage. But when two fellow contestants in a reality TV competition drown during a freak thunderstorm and a werewolf threatens her—a Hunter from the International Guild of Demon and Vampire Hunters steps in.

Determined to prevent old demons like the StormMother from wreaking havoc in today’s world, the Guild sends Dylan McQuilleran to be Celia’s bodyguard.

Except Dylan has a problem. His last surgical and chemical augmentation has gone haywire, giving him blinding migraines. His cover story as head publicist for the TV competition keeps him close to Celia while the Guild finds a cure.

But can he resist the lure of a Siren long enough to save her life—and his own?