The Dragon Circle (2004)

The Dragon Circle
and time may well be running out for the three O'Hara brothers.

When Konner O'Hara unearthed a tracking device hidden in his spaceship--undoubtedly by his own ruthless ex-wife--he had no w ay to tell whether his discovery had come too late. The brothers had thought they'd found a safe haw en on this oft-the-star-charts planet w here they'd taken refuge from the Imperial Military Police, the law and order forces of the Galactic Terran Empire. In the months since their landing, the O'Haras had made a place for themselves among the locals--lost colonists who had returned to a hunter-gatherer level of society. Revered as gods for the technology they'd brought, the brothers had defeated a treacherous priest called Hanassa, who'd ruled in the name of the dragon Simurgh, a terrifying, legendary creature that demanded human sacrifice.

Now., just when they've begun to concentrate on repairing their spaceship, and on dew eloping the psychic powers that are their heritage, they must suddenly find a way to protect themselves and this world from the Galactic Terran Empire. But the Imps are tar from the only threat the O'Haras face. For unbeknownst to them another enemy is determined to wreak a terrible vengeance on them all…