Whistling Bagpipes (2019)

Whistling Bagpipes
Bagpipes, dancers, old scandals, murder, and flooding thunderstorms. None of it compares to the problem of two jealous boyfriends competing with the lodge of Glenna McClain’s love.

The Grand Festival of Highland Arts and Games has descended upon the Whistling River Resort and Golf Course. Glenna McClain, General Manager and part owner of the lodge, has her hands full of bagpipers, dancers, and officious officials. Among them prances the criminal ex-lover of Glenna’s security chief Craig Knutsen. He will have to face his carefully guarded secrets once and for all.

Glenna bonds with her Scottish ancestral roots and a young girl piper who might prove to be a prodigy, if she survives the emotional abuse of her teacher and parents.

The renowned–but much despised–piping judge seemingly succumbs to his alcoholism, but Glenna and Craig suspect murder. The list of potential killers is a lot longer than the victim’s resume of impressive credentials.

ATF agent Miles Sinnot arrives to investigate a whiskey smuggling ring involving the Festival’s predilection for expensive Scotch, seriously complicating Glenna’s love life.

Glenna must protect her beloved lodge and guests from a killer, while juggling two jealous boyfriends. What’s a woman to do to get a little peace?
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