The Year of the Monkey (1988)

The Year of the Monkey
Bonnie's Over Her Head in High Finance…
And Under the Gun in Murder.

Thirty-something and still in search of a career, Bonnie Indermill has landed a dream job at Creative Financial Ventures, tax-shelter specialists located on the seedy edge of New York's Chinatown. The job is a dream all right…a real nightmare.

Before she hits the first rung of the corporate ladder, Bonnie's covering up for her horse-playing boss, "Fast Eddie" Fong, and eating her heart out over a sexy Dane in the art department. Then the company's CEO is murdered and it's Bonnie who finds a mysterious message in her lunchtime fortune cookie. What's a working girl to do? Go back to the business she knows best--catching a killer whose bottom line is murder.
0312018509 / 9780312018504