The Death of a Difficult Woman (1994)

The Death of a Difficult Woman
The law firm of Nutley, Eggers, Rivens and Davis (often referred to by its acronym, NERD) is moving to ritzy new digs on Park Avenue - and it's up to Bonnie Indermill to get them there in one piece. She didn't ask for the job… in fact, she's supposed to be "just a temp." But when her boss quit and left her in charge, Bonnie found herself coping with angry attorneys, muscle-bound movers, an assistant who's good for not much more than folding boxes - and an unending flow of complaints. At least the pay was good…even if Bonnie had to put up with the verbal abuse of a pinch-faced partner - and the incessant nagging of Kate Hamilton, who was upset about everything from the color of her new carpet to the confidential files that went missing during the move. But when Kate's corpse turns up in a coveted corner office - and a series of malicious pranks creates an atmosphere of fear on the twenty-eighth floor - Bonnie starts to wonder if her responsibilities include catching a killer…and if this assignment will put a permanent end to her temporary career.
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