Death of Dimpled Darling (1997)

Death of Dimpled Darling
Bonnie Indermill has to stop being such a good friend -- because her latest act of generosity has got her into some high-class trouble. It all starts when Bonnie's friend Amanda asks for her "moral support" in her new job as a wedding planner. Before Bonnie can say "I will," Amanda finds out she's pregnant -- and Bonnie is left to plan the super-rush, super-posh wedding of the daughter of a New York City real estate magnate.

Bonnie's trying to find her way through a syrupy maze of tulle, toasts, and china -- and pretend she cares. Then, as the date draws near, tempers flare -- and Bonnie unwittingly becomes the family therapist. But dress debates and invitation squabbles are soon overshadowed by tragedy: the murder of the bride-to-be's cousin. Now it's up to Bonnie to find out who didn't want the dimpled darling to get to the church -- at all…