The Forgotten Faithful (2020)
by Jez Cajiao
(#2 in UnderVerse)

The Forgotten Faithful
Things are looking up for Jax, more or less, He’s met a cool girl (Who’s a wisp), got some new friends (Who’re Dwarves and Cat people and Elves and all sorts), and started a war… (Whoops!)

That last one might not be the best idea he’s had yet, admittedly, but the guy was an ass, and he deserved it.

Only thing is, they say an Englishman’s home is his castle, and Jax’s home is in ruins… this place isn’t going to be any use in defending his new people unless he gets it sorted, and fast!

He needs material, equipment, magic and people, most of all he needs time, time to get things ready, to get his ships in the air and his house in order.

When you’re surrounded on all sides, outclassed, outnumbered and everyone’s probably a bit brighter than you are, there’s only one option…