The Big Play (2017)

The Big Play
The sexy baseball players in Jennifer Seasons' popular Diamonds and Dugouts series return with a hot pitcher, a starving artist, and one major league pickle.

Jose "Cal" Caldera needs a wife-yesterday. Major League pitching sensation, Cal hits a real career stopper when he discovers he's being deported. Just when the Denver Rush have their first chance at the World Series in years because of his unbroken hot streak. Cal's willing to do anything to keep the streak alive all the way through to the Series-including lie to Immigration about a fake wife. Now he was to find one. Fast, before the officer tailing him discovers the truth and his record-breaking career is struck out.

Who says no to a hot pro ballplayer offering marriage and a million dollars? Not starving artist Roz Kilpatrick, especially when that kind of money will do more than just keep a roof over her head-it'll get her to Paris. The big league for artists and her dream come true. All she has to do is pretend to be in love with the pitcher until Immigration is off his back. Easy money. It's not like playing at marriage with Cal has her heart wanting it to be the real thing, right?

As the heat comes down, this sizzling duo will have to decide between what's real and what's fake, and if they're willing to make the biggest play of all-for each others' hearts.
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