Playing Rough (2017)

Playing Rough
Aidan Booker has waited forever to have another chance at Megan Hardy. The only thing standing in the way is his broken heart-the one she tore out and sauntered off with ten years ago when she left him for the Peace Corp and a life of globe-trotting adventure. Now she's back to make amends and he's got a mountain of resentment.

After a decade of nursing and aid work in developing countries around the world, Meg's beyond exhausted and ready to settle down on her grandmother's ranch outside Fortune. All she wants is peace, quiet and a chance to figure out the next part of her life. But one look at Aidan has her realizing that there's one more great adventure left: the one to reclaim his heart.

Can Meg convince Aidan to let go of the past and embrace a present with her in it? Or will her old mistakes keep them both from rediscovering the happiness and love that they've only felt once before-in each other's arms?
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