Colby Lockdown (2010)
by Debra Webb
(#37 in Colby Agency,
#1 in Under Seige)

Colby Lockdown
The Colby Agency of Chicago has long handled the most private investigations with discretion and success. Staff from the top down maintain pristine reputations and the agency always works within the law. Until now…

With a long list of clients comes an equal number of enemies. Someone wants revenge--and is determined to get it starting with Victoria Colby-Camp. The only hope of survival for Victoria and her staff lies with Colby investigator Slade Convoy and a total stranger--Mia Dawson, a personal assistant in the D.A.'s office.

With the offices in lockdown and holding hostages, the captors have one demand and a twenty-four-hour deadline: kidnap Cook County D.A. Gordon and deliver him to the Colby Agency. Slade's assignment is twofold: gain the cooperation of Mia, the only person who knows how to get past Gordon's security, by whatever means necessary and bring in Gordon. Together Slade and Mia have no alternative but to break the law in order to execute the operation. But will they be able to plead their case once justice is served? And will the operation fail when Slade learns Mia has an agenda of her own?
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