Bait and Witch (2021)

Bait and Witch
A little sweet tea and a whole lot of spells won’t always put out the fire…

Ruby Mae Jewell is celebrating her engagement to her vampire fiancé Luke. Marrying a vampire noble means there are protocols and official ceremonies to attend. Instead of going through the exhausting hoopla, she’d much rather be kicking it with her friends and family at the tiki bar. But her love for Luke means she’ll do anything to make sure things go smoothly.

However, when an engagement present arrives, Rue is surprised to discover something so rare that she doesn’t know its true worth. When her life becomes in danger just for possessing it, she finds out quickly how rare the gift is and exactly why it came to her.

Where there’s smoke, there is definitely some fire with Ruby Mae’s newest adventures in Bait & Witch, Book 6 in the Southern Relics Cozy Mysteries series!