A Rascally Rub Out (2021)

A Rascally Rub Out
What Trouble Can Three Kitty Familiars Get Into… Plenty

Hi, I'm Camille, a witch PI who can read minds and tell the past and future. Which didn't help when I saw my ex cheating on me. He loved my powers but when I told him his business would go belly up and he'd find another woman, he wasn't happy. And then it all came to pass. I'm better without him. My familiar is a calico kitty named Quentin. He's an odd one who likes brandy in his milk. Oh and he can also connect with the dead.

Hey there, I'm Anna, a witch who can alter my appearance. It comes in handy when a PI needs to get into certain areas that an ordinary looking middle aged woman can't. I lost my husband in a tragic car accident. I morphed into an ER nurse and tried to save him but couldn't. It haunts me to this day. My familiar is a round tabby kitty named Myrna. She can also shift as well, but she loves being a cat.

Hello, I'm Jackie and I mix potions. My husband left me for a younger model. I considered brewing up a love potion to get him back, but my friends, Anna and Camille talked me out of it. I'm forever grateful they did. My familiar is a sleek black kitty named Chauncey. He can taste my potions and exhibit their effects so I know I'm on the right track and it doesn't harm him.

When a local defense attorney hires the PIs to help find his client innocent of murder charges, both witches and familiars will need all their powers to parse out clues. The cop on the beat is a fairy and he's none too crazy about the witches sticking their nose where it doesn't belong. He'll have to take a number.

Magic collides when the witches, their familiars, and other paranormals seek answers to a whodunit.