The Scholar and the Scot (2021)

The Scholar and the Scot
Miss Olive L’arbre is doomed by the curse of comparison: Unlike the rest of her talented siblings, she possesses nothing which sets her apart. Her singing voice has been likened to a cat stuck in a well, she cannot ride worth a damn, and the less said about her ill-fated attempt at watercolors, the better. In fact, the only thing which might be considered a talent is her indefatigable search for knowledge, especially when it comes to her passion for the ancient Romans.

In fact, that quest is what caused her to accept the invitation from her former teacher, the Countess Fangfoss, to attend the summer house party for her students who have as yet not managed to attain the lauded goal of marriage. Olive has no need to marry, but the party contains other attractions for a woman such as she…mainly, the Roman ruins on the Fangfoss estate. Hopefully, she’ll learn enough from the archeological dig there to have one of her papers published, which might allow her the chance to travel to study other ruins.

Unfortunately, for her dream (but huzzah for her desires!), her studies are interrupted by the most intriguing set of legs in plaid.

Phineas Prince might be the son of a laird, but he’s devoted his life to travel and archeological study. When his sister receives an invitation to attend the Fangfoss house party, Phin jumps at the opportunity to chaperone her…not because of any love of propriety, but because the Fangfoss estate is the home to an archeological dig which might—at long last—allow him to complete his quest to find a particular artifact.

He just didn’t count on the distraction of a beautiful pair of eyes, hiding the most stimulating mind. When Olive offers to help him on his quest, he can’t say no. Although he’s attending the party as a chaperone, he’s suddenly in danger of compromising his stimulating research partner…and he doesn’t mind one bit!