A Geek Thing (2021)

A Geek Thing
Ainsley is approached by several representatives from The Secret Society of Teenage Losers who are hoping to hire her to find a missing physicist who they believe has met with foul play. The missing scientist is brilliant yet eccentric so when the group approached the police about the missing physicist they were assure that the man had simply forgotten about the symposium he'd signed up to participate in and had gone off on one of his research trips. After an initial investigation Ainsley has reason to believe that either explanation could be true but she doesn't want to take the chance that the man could actually be in trouble, so she agrees to help the teens track down the elderly scientist in exchange for their help with the annual haunted house for which she'd been recruited to line up volunteers.

Meanwhile, Parker, Josie, and Jemma, are all involved in the annual Halloween festivities, Ainsley continues to look for Avery, and Adam begins making plans for changes in his own routine.