Monster Acadamia 2 (2021)

Monster Acadamia 2
“You’re a Wizard, Har—err, Ian.” Those were the words spoken by an old man, inside a book that Ian read. But being a Wizard was something that Ian never expected or asked for. He was happy to learn that Magic was real, and that he could do it! But now, that comes with a huge responsibility.

The Darkbeasts were sent by someone. Because they are back again. But who? Was it someone who knew his secret? That he was the first known Wizard in existence in over 2,000 years? Some people don’t like that idea very much, because the last Wizard, Merlin, had made their lives sheer Hell. Throw in a school full of females, three stunning women who are ensuring that his eyes (and other parts!) aren’t wandering elsewhere, more than 3.4 million people he can’t control, but for whom he is responsible and has oversight, and you have some fun times. But Ian is about to learn there is a significant flaw in the Stone of Truth, one that even the great Merlin himself could not foretell.

This series contains the unabridged text (meaning lots of language, sex, and f-bombs), mayhem, monster girls, lots of tails, and Magic the likes of which have not been seen in ages from a Magician.