Trusting the Dragon (2022)

Trusting the Dragon
Nearly two years ago Hudson Wells came across a human female in need and helped to find her missing son. Sarah was the first female to make him feel anything since the death of his late mate. However, she was married and off limits. Then she shows up on Stonefire with her sons, to help with the latest children’s event, and he discovers not only that she’s divorced, she also needs his help again. Hudson jumps at the chance hoping he can win the hurt female and find his second chance.

Sarah MacKintosh Carter has finally found peace living with the Lochguard dragons. But then she receives news that unless she’s mated to a dragon-shifter in the next month, she’ll have to leave. As she tries to figure out what to do, she focuses on what might be the last dragon-human event for her sons and runs into the dragonman who helped her two years ago. He’s easy to talk to and soon she spills her troubles. When he offers to be her mate, she hesitates but realizes it’s the only way to keep her sons safe and away from their awful father.

While Sarah is determined to only have a marriage of convenience, Hudson wants more. And as he woos Sarah, she starts to wonder if she’s finally found a man she can trust. But then a battle to keep her children arrives, and her future becomes uncertain. Can she keep her sons and find happiness with Hudson? Or will she have to leave the only safety and happiness she’s known in her life to keep her children safe from their father?