Fey Touched: Season Two (2021)
by Nicola Claire
(#13 in Kindred,
#2 in Fey Touched)

Fey Touched: Season Two
To survive, she must become one of them. To thrive, she must become the best.

Something is rotten in the realm of Dökkálfa. And it has nothing to do with their newest fairy.

But try as she might, Kara Middleton - former human and current member of the Dark Fey - can't find the root of the foul magic that is consuming her adopted homeland.

That's the trickery of magic, though; it can hide its face so very well.

Evil stalks the Dökkálfa, but can Kara uncover its secrets in time to save the one fairy she loves the most? Or will the spell cause unimaginable damage to her, to Aliath, and to all of Faerie?

It's hard being different, but maybe Kara's difference is what will save them all.

At the very least, she'll go down fighting… and kicking… and screaming… and… tearing her hair out.