Empire Ascendant (2021)
by Jez Cajiao
(#6 in UnderVerse)

Empire Ascendant
The brothers are united, but storm clouds gather on the horizon. War has come to Dravith

The Dark Legion have been beaten back, and for the first time the brothers are allied against the savagery that the UnderVerse has thrown at them, but the storm clouds of war are gathering, and not everyone will see the sun rise again.

Jax has one chance to keep his people safe from the storm and the war that’s building on the horizon, but it’ll take balls of steel, brains of mince, and he’s really going to need to be lucky as hell to pull this one off…

The Legion rises along with their Scion, buoyed aloft on waves of hope, but not all are as dedicated as they may seem, and a tiny pin-prick can be all that makes the difference, when it’s made at just the wrong time…