Before the Wedding Bells Ring (2022)

Before the Wedding Bells Ring
In Landover, when people say, “Until death do us part,” they sometimes mean before the wedding.

In 1919, bride-to-be Estelle Linder and her fiancé, Floyd Muller, were about to have their perfect lakeside wedding. Even though he was poor and she was rich, they seemed like a perfect match, until she got cold feet and ran away on their wedding day.

Her body was found two days later, shot in the back. They blamed Floyd, said he’d tracked her down and made her pay for humiliating him on their big day. Floyd was never convicted, but he was also never the same.

Now, a hundred years later, can medium-detective Carly channel with Estelle’s ghost to figure out who murdered her and possibly clear her fiancé’s name, even as the town starts to turn on her for even trying?