Find You Again (2022)

Find You Again
Home wrecker. Whore. These are just some names Alabama Forester's been called since her pop-country music career crashed and burned. Since then, she wants nothing more than to hide out in her small town of Clover, Texas. But when she's offered the chance of a lifetime—to join ex high-school sweetheart Griff Greyson on tour and redeem her image, she agrees. Only, for once, she'll do the right thing: take control of her life and let her love of music—not fame—drive her.

Country-rock bad boy Griff Greyson is trying to get his music career back on track after nearly losing his label, his band, and his reputation after being arrested for disorderly conduct. But when his label demands he add Alabama Forester as his opening act for his spring tour—he wants nothing more than to stay away from her. After all, he broke her heart once. He won't do it again.

However, soon sparks are flying whenever they're on stage together. And while Alabama's vow to never get involved with anyone she works with is put to the test, Griff is ready to kick the drinking and the girls to the curb—all for another shot with Alabama. But when Griff's old rock-and-roll lifestyle puts Alabama's life on the line, both discover they could lose everything—before they ever really had it.