The Bastards and the Knives
by Scott Lynch
(#1 in Gentleman Bastard (Prequel))

The Bastards and the Knives
An omnibus containing two novellas: 'The Mad Baron's Mechanical Attic' and 'The Choir of Knives' These two novellas tell the story of how Locke, Jean and the other gentleman bastards acquired the Austershalin brandy that played such a key role in the con at the center of THE LIES OF LOCKE LAMORA and how they managed to avoid being killed by the elite assassins known as the Choir of Knives. These two novellas will fill in the backstory of the Bastards and allow fans to revisit the pleasures of the banter and antics of Caldo, Galdo and Bug as well discover how Locke and Jean forged their gang.
0575082119 / 9780575082113