The Hexed and The Hunted (2022)

The Hexed and The Hunted
Half-dead witch Geneviève Crowe makes her living beheading the dead--and trying to juggle her new duties as a faery princess now that she's married Eli Stonecroft, a faery prince who was in self-imposed exile in New Orleans.

But monsters have no patience with royal obligations, and the same creature who once hunted her great-times-great grandmother is now trying to put Gen in the ground. When the relentless monster from her family's past decides to hex Geneviève, she's forced to go on the run or expose how much power she's started amassing. Her royally impatient uncle-in-law, the faery king, has already threatened her and Eli.

Death or Flight? Hexed or Hunted? This is not the honeymoon Gen and Eli were planning…