Hoodoo You Need (2021)

Hoodoo You Need
Mally Jourdain has gone from being the worst witch ever to a princess--literally overnight. Sabotage wedding, anyone? So, now she's hitched to the crowned prince of the rougarous, who also happens to be the sexiest man/wolf in existence.

Sounds great, right?

Unfortunately, it's a marriage of convenience, which royally sucks, because, you know, the whole smokin' hot thing. She's also now a stepmother, which might be okay. The jury's out on that one. But at least her previously non-existent magic is working. Well, sometimes. Okay, not much at all.

And these are the high points of her life.

When her husband's brother goes missing (the second one in so many months), she wants to help. But she has no idea where to start or what she can even do. A witch with wonky magic and only a crawfish as a familiar wasn't exactly the best one for the job.

No problem. She could do this. Still, she had imagined being a princess would involve lounging on the porch in a crown, sipping mint juleps, and listening to zydeco. Not going out into the bayou to fight strange creatures that want her and the rougarous dead. So far, being a princess is not all that it's cracked up to be. Here's hoping she can get her witchy act together, kick a little butt, and save herself and few others along the way.