Contain or Die (2022)

Contain or Die
It’s only a matter of time before the Zoo unleashes the final onslaught in its carefully laid plans…

Is there a way, however desperate, to buy time to prepare for what might be the final battle?

Born from the fertile imagination of bestselling author Michael Anderle…

Everyone looks to Sal for answers, but can his unique brand of crazy devise a strategy bold and stupid enough to draw the Zoo’s attention from the wall?

While the race continues to try to find a solution for the seemingly indestructible nanotech, Sal taps into his Goop-enhanced capabilities.

Will he be able to use these against the enemy, or will it use the channel of communication to overwhelm him and take control of his mind?

Does he have any choice but to put his trust in the one thing the Zoo cannot manipulate, and is his AI up to the task?

The fate of humanity might well rest in the hands of this small team on a suicide mission, but if Sal can’t do it, no one can, right?

The Zoo draws him in and reveals some of its secrets, but at what cost?

Sal learns that he must face both his greatest fear and his greatest weakness.