A Found Beginning (2022)

A Found Beginning
Two powerful enemies and a shaky alliance. End game is here.

The Osprey must win or die.

The Fleet and the berserker alien K’tax are creating chaos in the skies above Locari. Alliances shift, and for a brief moment the Fleet and Osprey fight side-by-side to beat back the K’tax advance.

Did the tide turn, or is this just the eye of the storm?

Everything Jaeger did was in the name of the daughter she believed died years before.

A daughter who seems to have risen from the dead—and is now being held hostage by the Fleet.

Jaeger agrees to speak with the Fleet. She needs to know where their alliances truly lie. With the K’tax still orbiting the planet, Jaeger knows her greatest test is about to begin.

To make matters worse, the Overseers no longer wish to aid the Osprey.

With powerful enemies orbiting her home and her allies abandoning her, will Jaeger be able to lead the Osprey to victory or total destruction?