The Thief-Mage of Ziammotienth (2022)

The Thief-Mage of Ziammotienth
What happens when an Academy dropout joins a mercenary company? Catastrophe! Anarchy! Moral Disintegration!

In short you have quite the mess.

But for Kaylin, that is just another day in the life as she and her crew fight and plunder under the shadows of Ziammotienth.

The young wizard has found a place among the rough and tumble sell-swords and adventurers.

But deep down, she fears the secrets within and beneath are calling her deeper than she imagined.

But before she can even dream of plunging back in there are debts to be paid, alliances to be forged, and secrets to be rooted out.

And that doesn't even cover the fact Kaylin still has much to learn.

But pressure makes diamonds, and the beating hammer brings forth shining steel. Can Kaylin survive the process?

When monsters abound, from the shrieking harpy to the slithering basilisk, nothing is for certain except the barbaric peoples of Ziammotienth have something to say.

Yet, this is the road she chose, and every step she takes is one of freedom and purpose, defiance and destiny.

Nothing in life is certain, but that has never stopped Kaylin before, and it certainly won't stop her now.