The Phenomenal Faraday (2022)

The Phenomenal Faraday
A massive black disk floats over Antarctica, annihilating all matter that touches it. And it’s growing.

The battle lines have been drawn. The stage for the final showdown has been set. All that remains is for Boneclaw to wipe out the few beings who’ve ever had the temerity and might to stand against him, and total victory will be his.

Galen knows the odds of winning this fight are so long it’s insane to keep struggling, but it’s never been in his nature to give up.

Especially not now, when he has so many friends whose lives are on the line.

He picks up his dragon-claw sword for one final battle. This time, the stakes are everything. If he can’t defeat Boneclaw and destroy the disk, then the Void will consume the Earth and everything on it.

Galen isn’t going to allow that to happen.

Join him, Vala, Kristen, Kylara, and all the other friends you’ve come to love in one final battle against the most evil foe any of them have faced. Don’t miss the stunning conclusion to the Children of Tiamat universe!