A Shade of Myself (2022)

A Shade of Myself
Vanquisher of evil. Wrangler of offspring. Seriously in need of a coffee.

Life is happily bobbing along. My family and close friends support my magic and things are getting interesting with the wolf shifter. But smooth sailing turns to shark-infested waters when I plumb the dark depths of my past to investigate my parents’ last con.

Being chum was never on my bucket list.

In comparison, my new assignment should be easy: track down a demon to check a necklace for dark magic. Of course, nothing about demons is simple and I find myself forced to strike hard bargains with both demon hunters and an ancient vampire.


The farther out I drift seeking answers, the tighter I’m caught in a net of secrets, lies, and deadly revelations. And this time, I might not break free.

Just keep swimming …