The Beachside Bed & Breakfast (2022)

The Beachside Bed & Breakfast
The local quilting club has matchmaking in mind in this enchanting small‑town romance perfect for fans of Debbie Mason, Sheila Roberts, and RaeAnne Thayne.

Innkeeper Ashley Howland Scott inherited Howland House and the adjacent Rose Cottage from her grandmother. Her grandmother hosted weekly meetings of the local quilting club, and those ladies know all the gossip in town.

The new minister, Micah St. Pierre, is the subject of more than his fair share of that gossip. Micah has spent a decade as a Navy Chaplain and his experience in combat has deeply challenged his faith. He’s come back home because he also feels guilty about the way he abandoned his younger brothers and father when they needed him most.

The Quilting Club thinks Micah’s problems can be solved by finding him a wife. And they have a woman in mind. But despite the fact that Ashley finds him attractive, she closely guards her heart. She loved her husband very much, but his early death has left its mark. She’s also deeply worried about her young son. Jackie clearly needs a male role model, but is Micah St. Pierre the right one?