Blackpool Rock Bloodshed (2022)

Blackpool Rock Bloodshed
Arriving in the famous English seaside resort, Albert plans only to reminisce about a childhood holiday more than seventy years in the past. While there he will eat the town’s most famous creation - the sugary treat known as rock.

But when he walks into a shop being shaken down by heavies enforcing a protection racket, all thoughts of relaxation go out the window.

Instantly marked when Rex rousts the criminals, Albert must choose whether to leave the town – the sensible choice – or unravel the gang’s plans – the option containing the greatest likelihood for mayhem and danger.

However, the choice is not his, because his partner has sniffed something other than cavity-inducing candy on the wind …

… the scent of a wolf. A real one. And if Rex’s nose is right, then it needs his help.

Man and dog both know how to solve a crime, but separated and working independently, can they arrive at the same conclusion? Can they be as effective working individually?

One thing is for certain.

There is going to be bloodshed.

Baking. It can get a guy killed.