SoulScarred (2022)
by J. Thompson
(#4 in Soulmate)

What do you do when the king and queen of Olympus won't stop fighting?

You banish them to Blackpool until they can learn to play nice.

That was Aphrodite's plan anyway. Whether it would work or not would be another matter. But something had to be done; the fate of Olympus herself counted on it.

Zeus, lord of Olympus, head honcho to the immortals, had screwed up. How? He had not one single clue. What he did know was that his wife was a cold-hearted wench and now wanted a divorce.

There was no chance in hell that would be happening anytime soon. Even banished he would fight for her. He would wage war to have her back in his arms and bed - where she was meant to be.

Hera had found a way to block all the pain and heartbreak her husband caused. This allowed her the freedom to hate. But now she wanted a fresh start away from him, to isolate herself from those mesmerizing eyes and sinful lips. In short, she wanted a divorce, but what she got was banishment.

Banishment with Zeus.

Can the king and queen learn that love, above all else, is what's important? Or will hate win and tear them apart, taking Olympus with it…