A Temperamental Enchantress (2022)
by Sean Oswald
(#2 in A New Home)

A Temperamental Enchantress
Being a teenager is hard enough, but being ripped through a portal from your home to a magical realm is something else. Yet that is exactly what Mira, Jackson, and Sara have experienced.

Their parents got sucked in too, and surprisingly life and death situations proved that they actually did know something about life. But now, these kids find themselves wielding powers they could have only imagined before or in Mira's case that she would have called a nerd dream before. More than that they are the rising stars at the center of more than one political conflict.

Their parents averted one tragedy, but now the burden falls to them. Will they be able to avert war with the orcs. Of if it can't be averted, will they be able to forge an alliance strong enough to beat back the orcs and worse, the powers moving in the shadows.