Feel the Fern (2022)

Feel the Fern
Mia Thorne is finally blossoming thanks to a career on the upswing, a serious relationship, and growing friendships in the bucolic riverside town of Newberry. She’s thrilled when Patrick connects her with a client, the owner of a local gym called Burn Notice. She’s less than thrilled, however, when a dead body is discovered on the premises. Chief Tuck and Detective Fairfax have a potential PR nightmare on their hands when it turns out the victim is a promising young woman from a nearby boarding school. With the town’s reputation on the line, they call upon Mia’s special skills to help identify the killer before they can strike again.

Can Mia carry the weight of the investigation or will she throw in the towel and end up a bag of bones?

Feel the Fern is the 5th book in The Bloomin’ Psychic series.