The Boyfriend Comeback (2022)

The Boyfriend Comeback
A sexy, emotionally-charged rivals-to-lovers sports romance …

Some men are just off-limits.
Like, say, your rival.
Double the forbidden factor if he’s the other pro quarterback in the same city.
When I first hear the news that my one-time college fling has been traded to San Francisco, I figure it’ll be no big deal. Just like he told me our hookup was when he left in the middle of the night years ago.
Fine by me. What are the chances I’ll even see him that much now?
Except my team’s PR department has us playing nice together. Which means I’m doing TV appearances and charity events with the broody, sexy, enigmatic athlete who stares at me both like he hates me and like I’m his last meal.
I’m doing a winning job ignoring those looks.
Until the night he shows up at my door after a game and confesses why he walked away that night …