Charming a Fairytale Cowboy (2022)

Charming a Fairytale Cowboy
As the youngest Kingman daughter, Delaney has spent her entire life being protected by her three brothers and big sister--and by every person in Cursed, Texas. This feisty cowgirl is dang sick of it! Delaney is ready to spread her wings, and her womanly wiles, and find herself a hot cowboy to tangle up the sheets with. When she meets a handsome stranger in the town bar one night, she figures she's found the perfect man--a man who knows nothing about her or her big, bad Kingman brothers. Until those big, bad brothers caught her in the act of gettin' some sweet country luvin' from her mystery man. Now there will be hell to pay … unless she can convince her overprotective family she's found the man she wants to marry. A fake engagement will give her all the time she needs to thoroughly enjoy some hot Texas nights with no strings attached. Or so she thinks.