Valorous Effort (2022)

Valorous Effort
On the one hand, Terry is doing great. He has awesome friends, more money than he could possibly use, and he managed to take down a huge threat to humanity.

On the other hand, while he enjoys being on Earth in general, he doesn’t have magic. Or…does he?

Can he find a way to get what he wants?

Intrigued by the possibilities, Terry goes on the hunt to see if he can generate a source of power his body can convert into magic.

The only problem is, Angelina and Charley are worried he might be thinking about getting the heck off this hunk of celestial rock, and, well, they would miss him.

No one could have prepared Terry for the strength of the bonds humans can form.

Terry’s search for an energy source leads him down some middling paths. He delves into the deep web, where he discovers some people are trying to destroy the global power grid.

Not. On. His. Watch.

Will Terry be able to navigate the complexities of human relationships while preventing a global disaster and solving his magic dilemma?

He might have bitten off more than he can chew this time.