Nuclear Deterrent (2022)

Nuclear Deterrent
Magic returned? Check. Home and work lives for the team balanced? Check. Impending disaster just around the corner? You bet.
Terry and the team have settled into a new routine of taking jobs for General Lappert’s task force between road trips to build up Terry’s magic.
But life as the team knows it is about to crumble. The end is coming, and the only question is what that’s going to look like.
Going to hell in a handbasket would be a picnic compared to what’s about to go down…
The government is on to Terry’s secret and the only thing they can do is RUN. It’s time for everyone to make their choice—stay and risk the consequences, or leave with Terry.
There are exit strategies, and then there are exit strategies.
They are not alone as they race across Europe. The kindness of strangers gets the team through the hardest time everyone but Terry has ever experienced.
And Terry has help from an unexpected quarter…
Can the team outrun the world’s authorities and make it to the motherlode of magical energy that will get them off Earth?