Olympian Pursuits (2022)

Olympian Pursuits
Can you choose your own god?
There’s a power vacuum on Olympus.
That’s the thing about a civil war.
Everyone’s weaker in the end than when the war began.
If the gods don’t stop attacking each other, none of them will have the strength to rule.
Anarchy can be worse than tyranny.
You can assassinate a tyrant. You can’t eliminate everyone under anarchy.
Why does everyone seem to think I’m the answer to the problem?
Sure, I can reap gods. I’m the only mortal the Olympians fear.
All the gods have their flaws. Some of them worse than others.
I have to choose between the lesser of multiple nincompoops.
How can I possibly decide which poor excuse for a god to support? If I make the wrong choice, departed human souls will pay the price.
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