Big Lone Bear (2022)

Big Lone Bear
Espie Ruiz, sister to Angel Fire’s bear clan alpha, is getting impatient. After watching her brother and clan bad boy Ivo Ames find their fated mates, she’s left wondering if she’ll ever know such love and devotion. While she desperately wants someone to call her own, she fears what will become of her independence should she settle down. After all, she’s spent her cozy life as a wild child—a leader, an independent thinker. Will all that go away once her fated mate waltzes into her life? Can she even accept the possibility of it?

Enter Luther Nolan, a miner with a precious secret who recently arrived in Angel Fire to help with the hotly contested mining excavation in the bear clan’s mountain range. Rugged, charming, handsome—he’s any girl’s dream. Only he isn’t destined for any girl. He’s destined for hot-headed and fiercely loyal Espie Ruiz. How do they know? The two scent each other within seconds of their first meeting.

Unfortunately, it’s a Romeo and Juliet affair from the beginning. A clanless bear shifter who mines—and the sister of Angel Fire’s bear alpha? It was never meant to be, but that doesn’t stop either of them from defying the odds and trying to make things work.

Only time will tell if their efforts will produce a love connection—or a fated pairing from hell.