Dr. Bear’s Mate (2022)

Dr. Bear’s Mate
Tanith Ravenna stands out in the small community—for all the right reasons, in her mind anyway. Not only does she run her dream gallery, but she has lived a life full of rich experiences, even if her bank account can’t say the same.

Beloved by many for her warm spirit and confidence, Tanith’s prized jewel on her crown of success is her beautiful eight-year-old daughter, Hayley.

All seems right in Tanith’s world—except for her love life. She just can’t seem to find a man who can keep up with her.

Until she locks eyes with a gorgeous stranger at Ivo and Alani Ames’s wedding. There’s a spark. Instant chemistry.

Blake Byrd, newly arrived doctor and professor, might just be the one to round out Tanith’s perfect, though hectic, life. Little does she know, the good doctor has a secret life of his own.

Unfortunately, while fate may have thrust the two lovebirds together, a gang of vandalizing cougars hellbent on revenge may just keep them apart—for good.