No Fear
From #1 bestselling mystery and suspense author Blake Pierce comes book #3 in a gripping new series: the FBI’s elite new unit targeting criminally-insane killers is summoned when a series of murders occurs that bears the signature of a psychotic killer. But something bothers FBI Special Agent Valerie Law about this case: this killer, she fears, may just be more normal than anyone suspects.

Faced with an unpredictable killer and a lack of information, Valerie must use her brilliant mind to connect the dots—and fast. Her only hope of catching him is to work backwards, and to delve into his past.

Will she crack the killer’s code in time to save the next victim?

Or will she be too late?

A page-turning crime thriller featuring a brilliant and haunted new female protagonist, the VALERIE LAW mystery series is packed with suspense and driven by a breakneck pace that will keep you turning pages late into the night.