The Girl He Took (2022)

The Girl He Took
Paige King, a Ph.D. in forensic psychology and a new arrival at the FBI’s elite BAU unit, has an uncanny ability to enter serial killers’ minds. She has seen the worst of the worst—but when a new serial killer strikes, victims turning up dead with magic tricks left at the scenes, Paige is baffled. What could the meaning be behind these macabre hints?

Up against her most challenging case yet, Paige must use her encyclopedic knowledge to decode the meaning of the strange magic clues. Can she discover what the killer wants, and why?

Or by the time she figures it out, will it be too late?

A complex psychological crime thriller full of twists and turns and packed with heart-pounding suspense, the PAIGE KING mystery series will make you fall in love with a brilliant new female protagonist and keep you turning pages late into the night.