Spade (2022)
by Marie James
(#25 in Cerberus MC)

So I forgot about the night I spent with Sylvie Davis… big deal.

Listing all of my one-night stands would be impossible.

It’s par for the course for any man who decided early in life they’d rather enjoy a buffet instead of a single entrée.

But now my boss has ordered me to accompany her back to her hometown.

His words: She needs a little help.

Translation: I think you could fall for this girl.

Leave it to the MC president, and every other chump in this club, to think I need help where women are concerned.

They think love is the final answer in this game of life. If you don’t have it you’re losing.

I know they’re wrong, but find myself grateful that I agreed to go.

It doesn’t take long for an ex to come sniffing around.

I say he’s bad news.

She says I’m jealous.

With the vibes I’m getting from this guy, I find myself hoping she’s right.

The alternative is bad for everyone concerned.