Kingston's Redemption (2022)

Kingston's Redemption
Sinclair isn’t at all happy when he’s accosted by a young woman as he’s leaving a family wedding. The fact she was able to approach him at all, without Sinclair’s knowledge, is bad enough. But he’s even more concerned once he realises exactly who she is.

Because Sinclair has been keeping a secret from his family since his wife was kidnapped and murdered five years ago, and this young woman could destroy everything he’s put in place to protect that secret.

Remy Mitchell hasn’t seen Sinclair Kingston since the day of his wife’s funeral. She’s shocked at the obvious changes in him. He no longer looks like the vibrant dark-haired man with the laughing blue eyes she remembers. Instead, Sinclair’s hair is now as much salt as pepper, his eyes are as cold as ice, and his expression is hard and uncompromising.

Which makes Remy question whether he’s the right person to ask for help or if she should walk away now.

Sinclair’s cold and compelling gaze tells her it’s far too late for that. He wants answers from her, and he wants them now.