The Courageous Believer (2022)

The Courageous Believer
Love is a dream come true for many…

But for those forced to sleep, their only dream is to wake up and live their life.

When a strange technology, targeted at lovers, forces them into nightmare-filled sleep, love plummets all over the country.

Sleeping people definitely can’t fall in love.

Or do just about anything…

They definitely can’t get married.

And when the reality starts making any waking moment worse, Paris Beaufont knows she has to spring into action.

To fix this problem, they are going to need magitech. And a detective. Oh, a bit of muscle and courage.

Good thing that none of those are in short supply if you know the right people.

Thankfully Paris does, and they are all willing to help…in exchange for something.

Can Paris Beaufont save weddings before brides fall asleep forever?

This is no Snow White tale because a simple kiss definitely won't wake them up. Only Paris Beaufont can do that—by outmaneuvering her enemies.