Cryptic Artifacts (2022)

Cryptic Artifacts
When it rains, it pours.

On the run from her old pack, Maggie heads off on a cross-country trip.

No road trip would be complete without road trip buddies, and Maggie has an interesting combination for company.

Who better to hit the open road with than a vampire, his estranged son, a no-nonsense mer, and the disembodied twin who’s taken up residence in her brain?

Maggie’s not great at doing nothing, and sightseeing is too dangerous, so when a job comes up, she jumps at the chance to relieve her boredom.

Retrieve a family heirloom from a crypt. Easy, right?

Except both the heirloom and the crypt appear to be, in technical terms, mega-haunted.

Also, the current patriarch of the family might have figured out more of Maggie’s secrets than she wanted to share, and things with Cole are not going well.