Backyard Starship: Origins 2 (2022)
by J. N. Chaney
(#2 in Backyard Starship (Prequel))

Backyard Starship: Origins 2
Get ready to experience two more origin stories in the Backyard Starship universe.

Legendary Peacemaker Petyrn Groshenko wasn’t always on the good side of the law.
As a young agent of the KGB, the murder of his father sets events in motion that begin with Petyr doing something beyond his wildest dreams. He leaves the earth. In a starship. And not of his own volition. Abducted by an alien con artist, Petyr Groshenko holds the key to a mystery worth millions—or billions—of bonds, thanks to an ancient secret that began in Russia, passed through Tunisia, and ends in the most unlikely place of all, thanks to a clever American soldier who kept a promise across the years and miles.
To find the treasure, Petyr is going to need luck, and help, and the wits of an alien who is far more than she appears to be.
Join Petyr as he begins the journey of a lifetime in this origin story from the Backyard Starship Universe. Even legends have to start somewhere, and for Petyr Groshenko, it begins here, in Red Agent.


Before Van went to the stars, Mark Tudor was there-- but he wasn't alone.

Perry was Mark's guardian, advisor, and friend, serving decades as they battled for the forces of good, solving cases and stopping crime of all kinds.

But in-between Mark and Van, there was a gap in time where Perry was faced with a choice. Serve the Guild, do what's right and take the next step in a career measured in centuries, not years. In this thrilling look at Perry's history, find out what happens when an AI feels the greatest loss of all-- and moves on, honoring a duty that spans time and the stars themselves.